We Specialize in Automated Residential & Commercial Roll Up Garage Doors, Screens and Shutters.

  • ENVIROroll Roll Up Doors

    ENVIROroll Roll Up Doors are self-contained units that eliminate tracks that take up valuable ceiling storage space.

  • Roll Up Screens

    Zip Tex is equipped with a special side rail insert that allows the screen to flex under wind pressure, but keeps the screen anchored in the rails.

  • Shutter Systems

    Our rolling security shutters can be configured to fit new construction projects, or can be easily installed on existing structures.

Latest Work

Based in Barrie, Ontario - Davis Roll Up Solutions specializes in quality custom residential and commercial Garage door and screening systems. Our roll up lineup includes trackless garage doors, automated screen and shutters systems. Davis Roll Up Solutions is the North American distributor of ENVIROroll(TM) garage doors and the Canadian distributor for Zip Tex (TM) rolling screen systems and Alu Star (TM) rolling shutters systems.

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